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Find a book that makes you want to wake up in the morning.

One that makes you rush through your morning rituals — just so you can get back to those sweet, crisp pages.

Find a book that starts slow, but draws you right in when you’re about to give up.

One that you can’t put down because you just have to know how the story unfolds.

Find a book that makes you swoon over the protagonist — the sharp male lead, that stubborn girl that reminds you of… well, you.

One that makes you feel despondent once the pages…

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Loving myself feels like a long lost love I once had, a blossoming spark that has lost its appeal.

In my relatively young life, I have internalized some really harmful things about myself, things that we do everything to keep the young ones from ever learning about.

My childhood and teenage years were by no means traumatic. I was loved, nurtured, and priviledged. I grew up as a third culture kid, raised by (formerly) tiger parents and the staunch belief that I am destined to do great things in this world. Big ambitions, high expectations, yaddi yaddi yadda.

My parents…

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I flew back to Taiwan from the US early on when the pandemic started and, amidst all the global chaos and confusion, I couldn’t be more grateful of being able to shelter here.

From taking classes online, living alone, doing my internship remotely and then in-person, getting a full-time job, going to the doctor, to truly settling down in Taiwan (for now, at least) — I have some things to say about how this country has handled the global pandemic.

It’s as if COVID-19 never really hit Taiwan.

It’s no secret that Taiwan has been one of the most successful countries in handling the pandemic ever since it…

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Loneliness is difficult to confess because it preys on you during your weakest moments.

It distorts your view of reality and isolates you from everyone else. The lonelier you feel, the easier it is to continue feeling that way. It makes you less prone to reach out to others, because how could anyone else truly understand how you’re feeling?

But what we need to internalize is that many others are also experiencing the same thing right now, at varying degrees — and I need to emphasize the idea of experiencing this feeling together, because there is something healing about knowing…

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Minimalism started out as a way to help me declutter my things and help me become more satisfied with the life have. But this year, it became a mindset that I decided to embrace so I could start living my life without the burden of past purchases weighing me down.

I was still slowly decluttering my college room when the pandemic hit and I had to fly back to my birth country. I packed some of my summer clothes and essentials in a big suitcase and carry-on, leaving everything else in its place. …

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College is a hub for meeting new people, socializing, and just being around people. Yet even though we’re surrounded by people our age all the time… I have often felt a sense of loneliness that comes from not knowing how to balance wanting to be alone and making meaningful connections with others.

As I’m nearing the end of my college career, I’m often reflecting about the way I have spent my college days as an introvert. …

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Writing is something that we can all do, in one form or another. It is my preferred form of communication, and it is something that I hope to continue doing for as long as I can, as much as I can.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed by the uncertainties and stresses of life. Usually, I turn to journaling as a way to voice my thoughts and work out my problems. But I found myself putting off journaling because I was scared to face the negative thoughts that I had.

Then I realized that I was giving the act of writing…
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I know you’re tired.

I, too, find myself tired more than I’d like to admit. It’s not the physical exhaustion that you experience after working out, but the mental blocks that you’ve been facing daily that just… never seem to end. I find it easy to just let myself veg out in front of my laptop and go through my 10+ “Watch later” videos in one sitting after a long day — and then continue browsing for more videos because it’s just the easy to do so. I get it. …

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The morning of March 21 I hastily finished packing my bags, not knowing how long I was going to be gone for. I sat there in my room, my bags ready, my mind frazzled. Uncertainty has a way of getting to me, targeting my mind even as my physical preparedness says otherwise. I was told that it would be at least 5 months before I would be back in my college apartment — but we knew that that was the best case scenario.

This moment had been weeks of foreboding, not a matter of if but when.

As a student…

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Four years ago, I broke into tears as I opened the last of my 14 college rejection letters. No waitlists, just rejections. I was absolutely crushed. I didn’t understand. I couldn’t take it. I sat there crying inconsolably, my mom shaking her head next to me and my brother at a loss of words in the video call. I avoided friends and people whom I knew were going to ask the long-awaited “Where are you going for college?” for the next several months, embarrased of myself. Disappointed. Angry. Ashamed. Lost.

I had molded my identity into the ideal college applicant…


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